A user-friendly gateway to enriched curriculum for schools

About Us

Neo learning is a start-up created to develop modern learning methods further.

In fact, the very concept of the portal has come into being as a solution to a lot challenges that modern schools are facing today. Talking with schools, universities, various educational and cultural organisations, we have put together a solution which builds up on the best practices that have evolved in the sphere of school education in the UK in the last decade.

What do we do

NEO Learning provides a single platform for interactive videoconferencing between schools and experts. There have been quite a few projects so far that have involved schools organising video conferences with experts for their students. As a rule such sessions are very successful and have very good learning outcomes. Unfortunately, these unique events require too much effort for their organisation. As a single platform NEO Learning solves this problem and becomes a teacher-friendly resource for enriched curriculum and more.

For whom

Receivers like schools, colleges and other educational organisations.

Providers like universities outreach departments and other off-site educators like museums, Bridge and STEM Learning organisations.

The advantage

NEO Learning is combining the convenience of modern technologies that eliminate geographical boundaries with advantages of live interaction between schools and society.

Opportunities for schools

  • Enhance the learning experience with virtual classrooms that expand students’ horizons. Video conferences connect students to experts who make subject matter more relevant and engaging, enriching the National Curriculum.
  • Give additional support to gifted and talented students, as well as Pupil Premium students by providing them with an opportunity to engage in joint learning activities with leading professionals in their subject of choice.
  • Better control their budgets while still providing their students with exposure to places outside school as opposed to field trips that are associated with considerable costs.
  • Better prepare students to their future life. Video conferences allow students to interact directly with experts in various fields. This type of interaction helps students envision a personal roadmap or success.
  • Help student to develop their social skills. Communicating with people outside their usual circle (experts, students from other schools) children learn the skills of public speaking and social interaction that they will need in future lives.
  • Provide good CPD opportunities for teachers.

Opportunities for off-site educators

  • For museums and universities participation in the Neo Learning project would mean new opportunities for further development of their existing activities. Today both universities and museums are trying to reach more of the audience.
  • For cultural organisations live video conferences means expanding their educational offer using a new tool in order to communicate with schools.
  • For production companies educational video-events for schools could mean new business. A successful example of such a product is “Operation Space Station”, in which students get a chance to interact with the Commander from the National Space Centre who sets them different challenges.
  • For companies and organisations NEO Learning will provide a tool to contribute to the provision of future workforce for the British economy.
  • For celebrities communicating with school children in this way will provide an excellent opportunity to invest their time to a good cause.

NEO Learning will organise

Event Programming


Measuring results